Marshall, Michigan
Scrapbooking Retreats
I am a wife and mother of two children, Katie, 10 and Evan, 7.  A good
friend of mine started me on my scrapbooking journey shortly after the
birth of my son.  I love the creative outlet it gives me and the pride in
which my children enjoy looking at their albums.  What a way to
preserve our family history.  I also enjoy taking time out to do something
for myself - getting together with my girlfriends and letting our hair down.
I have made life-long friends through scrapbooking.  We spend so much
time taking care of everyone else, we sometimes forget how important
it is for us to nurture ourselves.  Scrapbooking is it for me!

My formal training is as a Registered Nurse, but I have had several
other jobs including collections manager and wedding photographer.  
I've always wanted to open a bed & breakfast and now to combine that
dream with my love of scrapbooking - simply heaven!

I have created Riverside Inn to be a haven for women.  A place to relax,
rejuvenate, build friendships, laugh 'till your sides hurt and maybe even
get some scrapbooking done in between.  I hope you enjoy it as much
as I have!
Riverside Inn
18212 B Drive N
Marshall, MI 49068
Riverside Inn